Intention inspires Annabel B to create jewellery that transcends the ornamental, bringing strength and power to its wearer. Guided by deep respect for the metal she works with, Annabel infuses her pieces with soul by communicating with them as she works, allowing the elemental materials to influence their evolution into jewellery. Crafted to last longer than a lifetime, pieces come alive on the wearer. They are sublime to the eye, tactile to touch and resilient by nature. 


The fluidity of where jewellery ends and the body begins increases as the relationship between the piece and its wearer develops over time. Jewellery can be considered part of the body, Annabel believes. Her conviction is evident on her own body: across a career spanning 30 years she has worn rings on every finger without fail and many chains all over the body that never come off. 


An authentic energy for pushing boundaries and innovating distinguishes Annabel B designs. Pieces are often positioned in non-traditional places – from bangles that bridge the hand or sit above the elbow to rings that rest on the upper finger and chains that snake horizontally across the chest. As an artisan, Annabel pours her emotions generously into each item she creates, driven by the intent that its owner will feel emboldened by her love and protected by their jewellery.

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